Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas That Won't Break The Bank



Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas That Won't Break The Bank



There are only two days left until the most romantic day of the year… Well, unless you haven’t put any thought into the gift for your significant other, or failed to plan time together for romance. 

If t he latter is the case, don’t worry, it’s not too late for you. Here are some last minute ideas to make him/her happy, that won’t break the bank:

Start the Day With Style:Wake him/her up with breakfast in bed. Put some Hershey’s Kisses on the tray along side of his/her favorite morning meal. Keep the day in mind, if he/she likes pancakes, make them heart shaped. Also, maybe end the meal with some morning intimacy, focusing on their needs.

Surprise Gift: If he/she works on Sunday, secretly stop by their workplace and leave a chocolate rose and a card inside of their car. Men, don’t forget to leave a personal note, hand written, on the card, expressing your feelings towards the one you love.

Consider Jewelry: A gift of jewelry doesn't mean that it has to cost you a lot especially during the period of economic recession. Most women have many pairs of earrings and chains. So why not gift her something that she might just have one or even none. Select a nice anklet from a nearby jeweler, taking the time to consider her favorite colors and style. 

Flowers Will Always Brighten Her Day: You can’t go wrong with flowers. Well, maybe you can. When selecting flowers, remember who you are buying them for. While a dozen roses is a beautiful thought if she loves roses, it can also say that you didn’t put much thought into her gift, is roses don’t have a meaning for her.

When buying flowers, remember to pick from her favorite colors, her favorite variety, and ALWAYS buy them in person at your favorite florist. That way you can include a HAND WRITTEN note, by you. Showing you took the extra time to make the purchase personally will go a long way towards making the gift special.

Here are some great local florists, as well as the last day you can purchase from them to have a Valentine’s Day delivery:

Vale Edge Florist 
247 S. Chestnut St. 
Ravenna, OH 44266
(Can purchase right up until Sunday for Valentine’s Day Delivery)

Rootstown Flowers 
4948 S. Prospect St. 
Ravenna, OH 44266-9016
(Can purchase right up until Sunday for Valentine’s Day Delivery)

The Window Box Florist 
3968 State Rte. 43 
Kent, OH 44240
(Can purchase until Saturday morning for Valentine’s Day Delivery)

Kent Floral Co. 
1109 S. Water St. 
Kent, OH 44240
(Can purchase right up until Sunday for Valentine’s Day Delivery)

Sandy's Notions, Flowers & Gifts 
8376 State Rte. 14 
Streetsboro, OH 44241
(Can purchase right up until Sunday for Valentine’s Day Delivery)

Dinner For Two: There are many nice places to eat in Portage County, and it doesn’t have to cost a week’s pay to do it right. Here are some ideas:

ELEGANT: If you have the extra money, take her somewhere special. Unfortunitly, there are not many 5 star restaurants in Portage County, so you may have to consider someplace a little further away.

MEMORABLE: Take her to his/her favorite eatery. Better yet, maybe take them to where you had your first date. Try to get the same table. 

HOME COOKED: Nothing says you thought about the day, then making an elegant, home cooked meal for that someone special. However, remember to make something elegant and special. Giant Eagle has a Valentine’s Day Special, two boneless strip steaks and two lobster tails for about $30.00.

Soothe her needs: Surprise her by running her a bubble bath, with a warm inviting scent. Put out the candles and some soft romantic background music. Especially with the recent cold weather and snow fall in Portage County, she will appreciate your thought.

Remember the past: Get all dressed up to go nowhere. Instead, rent a copy of the first movie that you two watched together. As the movie plays, reminisce the past… remember the anticipation of your first kiss… the feeling of what it was like when your hands touched… remember the days when you couldn’t bear to be away from each other, even for a minute.

If you do not have a movie that is special for the two of you, consider these great “date movies”: Gone With the Wind, Casablanca, Ghost, Titanic, Dirty Dancing, The Notebook, or any other movie that your partner will enjoy as much as you will.

The gifts above, while are great ideas, nothing substitutes for an idea that you came up with on your own. The best gifts are the ones that do not cost you one penny, but show your love.

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